Customize Your Reports

Customize Your Reports

Oribi’s reports automatically contain all the key metrics you'll probably want to share. On top of that, you can easily modify the content included as well as the visual appearance of each report.
Report Design
To match any corporate look, select Design from the top bar of the report and:
  • Add up to two logos, such as your log and your client's logo
  • Select the primary color of the report
  • Choose the style of the illustrations on your report's pages

By default, each report consists of eight different sections:
Make the best first impression.
Adjust the name of your report and add a description to summarize highlights for your recipients.
Zero in on changes in your key metrics and understand what’s behind them.
Select the trends you want to include in the drop-down menu and drag and drop them to change their order of appearance.
Oribi also lets you display only positive trends, such as traffic increase or a higher conversion rate.
Reports - include only positive trends
Get actionable information in your key metrics so you can base your next business decisions on the right data.
Choose the insights you want to display and drag and drop them in the drop-down menu to change their order.

Know how each channel contributes to each conversion goal to allocate your budget correctly.
Define how many channels you want to include in the report. The channels are sorted by the amount of traffic they drive to your site.

Detect and remove bottlenecks in your visitor flow and assess the changes you make.
By default, Oribi will include your first 4 funnels in the report. To add more funnels, pick the ones you want to display and sort them by dragging and dropping them in the drop-down menu.
Evaluate and rank your marketing efforts. Find out how different events affect your conversions.
Oribi's reports include your first 4 correlations by default. To customize the correlations that appear in any report, select the ones you want to include and decide in which order to display them in your report.

All Visits
See the big picture of your site’s traffic to optimize your targeting and user acquisition.
Include a summary of the traffic or select a detailed report for the overall visits to your site.

Magic Events
Understand your visitors’ main actions to optimize flows and drive results.
Decide which Magic Events should be part of your report and in which order. You can choose between a brief summary of your top stats and a detailed view of any breakdown you’d like to include. The breakdowns you select will be displayed for all Magic Events in your report.
You can add a description for each section to highlight your achievements and explain results. Note that each section has different settings available, according to their content.
To change the order of the sections in your report, drag them on the sidebar.
Use the Visible toggle to exclude sections from your report.