Revenue Attribution

To use Revenue Attribution, you’ll need to enable revenue tracking. Read how to do it for ShopifyWooCommerce, and all other platforms.
Most customers have several touchpoints with your shop before they buy something. Hence, you're probably active on multiple channels.
Revenue Attribution
With Revenue Attribution, you can easily evaluate how much revenue each channel generates and invest your marketing budget accordingly. See the top channels for customers who bought on their first visit as well as all channels involved in a purchase after multiple visits.
With the Attribution Calculator, you can score your channels by the different weight given to the First Touch, Assist, and Last Touch. Read more about Attribution Models here.
Revenue Attribution - insights
To take a closer look at specific channels, use the Visitor Journeys by Touchpoint section. Follow single customers who used a particular channel on their way to checkout. Keep an eye out for Oribi’s channel insights. They will highlight if a channel performs best as a single-touch, first-touch, assist, or last-touch channel.