Revenue Analysis

To use Revenue Analysis and see how much you earned vs spent in the Ad Spend section, you’ll need to enable revenue tracking. Read how to do it for ShopifyWooCommerce, and all other platforms.
This section will help you explain changes in your revenue and leverage patterns in your data.
Once the first order is detected, you will see the Revenue section in your sidebar menu.
Revenue Analysis - graph
The graph helps you understand peaks and drops in your sales and follow how your revenue develops over time.
With the breakdowns below, you learn what drives your revenue so you can take advantage of patterns in your customer behavior.
  • Revenue By Channel
    Know which channels result in the highest sales to place your next dollar where it earns the most.
  • Revenue By Platform
    Learn who’s buying most - visitors browsing from desktop, mobile, or tablet.
  • Revenue By UTM
    Score your email newsletters, campaigns, and other marketing activities by the revenue they generate. Read more about UTMs here. 
  • Revenue By Location
    Spot where your best customers are located so you know which countries to focus on. 
  • Revenue By Product
    Know which products are your top sellers. See instantly how many customers purchased each product and how much they spent so you know which products to place most prominently.
  • Revenue By Session
    See how many times a customer needs to return to your store before buying something.
Revenue analysis by product is automatically available for users who installed via Oribi’s WooCommerce plugin or Shopify app. 

If you’re not using Shopify or WooCommerce, you can still send us your product information to be displayed in this section. Your developers can read more about how to send your store’s product value via the Oribi Javascript API here.