eCommerce Dashboard

To use Oribi’s eCommerce Dashboard, you’ll need to enable revenue tracking. Read how to do it for ShopifyWooCommerce, and all other platforms.
Your eCommerce dashboard is your go-to place to stay on top of your store’s key metrics, monitor your revenue & orders, and track your purchase funnel.

Total Sales

Be on top of the total sales your store generated.
eCommerce Dashboard - total sales


Know the number of orders by the number of customers.
eCommerce Dashboard - number of orders

Average Order Value

Monitor how much a customer spends on average in your store.
eCommerce Dashboard - order value


See how every metric compares to an average day and quickly know how you’re doing.
Compare today’s data with
  • Yesterday
  • An average day in the last 7, 14, or 30 days
  • An average weekday, based on the past 30 days
  • An average weekend day, based on the past 30 days
  • Any average day of the week you choose
eCommerce Dashboard - trends
To turn off trends in your dashboard, simply go to the Settings > Ecosystem, scroll down to Revenue Display and use the toggle to not show trend meters on your dashboard.

Key Purchase Funnels

Quickly spot where customers are getting lost on their way to checkout.
eCommerce Dashboard - funnels

Top Marketing Channels

Track the revenue each channel generates.
eCommerce Dashboard - channels

Recent Purchases

Follow recent purchases and know what individual customers have bought with Oribi’s email integration.
eCommerce Dashboard - recent purchases