Monitor All Domains

With Oribi, you can check all the domains you have connected in one view. It's your daily check to make sure everything is running smoothly or to see in just one glance if something requires your attention.
This feature is only available if you have more than one domain connected to your Oribi account.
To enter the All Domains section, choose All Domains from your sidebar.
See at a glance how many domains Oribi is tracking for you, which domains report positive trends, and which domains report negative trends. Monitor your key metrics for each domain and quickly spot if there have been major changes you should note. To enter any of the domains, click on the domain menu, and choose Switch to

Hide Domains

To hide domains from your account, simply:
  1. Open the domain menu on the right.
  2. Choose Hide Domain.
All Hidden Domains will be listed on the bottom of the page. You can undo this action anytime by clicking Unhide beside any domain you want to see in your account again.

Troubleshooting: Domain Not Connected

Not sure whether your domain is still connected? An indicator can be that all your metrics are 0. If you have several domains installed, you can enter All Domains and check for "Not Connected" alerts under the domain.
Now to the solution. Most likely, the script has been removed from your site. To fix it, follow the step-by-step installation guide for your platform. You will find all guides here. After following all steps, go back to Oribi and click refresh.
Still not working? Contact us.