What Are Magic Events?

Set Up Your Main Conversions

Magic Events are at the heart of Oribi's unique technology. They represent your most critical actions—the top conversions and events you want to keep an eye on, such as signups, purchases, contact clicks, or downloads.
As soon as you install Oribi, it uses AI to scan your website, identify your most important events, and automatically highlight the key actions you'll want to focus on. You can set Oribi's suggestions as Magic Events, as well as create Magic Events from scratch using any individual button or page, or a group of buttons or pages. You could, for example, create a Magic Event that includes all buttons linking to your signup page. Once you create a Magic Event, it will then appear in your dashboard, reports, and insights.
You can create new Magic Events any time. Once a Magic Event is set, you'll see all of its historical data as well.