Creating Magic Events From Scratch

If you can’t find a certain event in Oribi's Magic Events catalog, you can also create a Magic Event manually.
  1. Click Start From Scratch, and then Start Building Your Event.
    A screenshot of the start from scratch button in Magic Events
  2. Click + in the center of the Magic Event Builder. A list of your site's events will appear. Buttons will be shown by default, but you can easily see the list of pages by clicking Pages on the left side menu.
    Screenshot showing the Buttons & Pages section of Magic Events
  3. Start typing in the text box to search for your desired event.

    To search for buttons by label, make sure Text on Button is selected. To search for buttons by the link they lead to, click Button's Destination Link.

    If you want your Magic Event to include a button with only one specific label or link target, or a page with only one specific URL, leave the Any button containing this phrase in its text unchecked. If, however, you'd like to include all buttons or pages containing a certain phrase in their label, link target, or URLs, check this box.

    To add an event from the list to your Magic Event, just click Add to the right of the event. You can add as many events as you like.
  4. Once you're satisfied with your Magic Event, click Finish.
    Screenshot showing the Finish button in the Magic Event Builder
  5. Give your new Magic Event a name and click Save.
That's it! You'll now see your Magic Event across all Oribi's features.