Custom Events As Magic Events

Magic Events automatically captures all button clicks, form submissions, and page visits on your site so you can follow conversions and visitor activities without using code.
For more advanced actions, such as third-party embedded content (chat windows, Youtube videos, order forms, etc.), you can use custom events.
A few examples of what you can use custom events for:
  • Events that occur in an iFrame - an embedded element which isn’t tracked by Oribi’s script, such as a payment form, chat component, or a YouTube video.
  • Events coming from a different site, such as a checkout process which ends on an external site.
  • Form submissions with no thank you page. While Oribi tracks all clicks on the submitting button, you can use custom events to track successful form completion.
If you're already using custom events in your Facebook or Google account, you can easily set these as Magic Events in Oribi. Simply click Import Custom Events at the bottom of the catalog screen, and search for your event.
A screencast showing how to import custom events to Magic Events
Importing a custom event will not overwrite or modify the original event in any way. Oribi adds an identical call which will be sent to your account without affecting the original event. If you change the original event, it will automatically be updated in Oribi as well. Please note that if the original event is deleted from your site, it will no longer appear in your Oribi account, either.
To send new custom events to Oribi, you can utilize Oribi's Javascript API. Your developer can read more about it in the Oribi Javascript API section.