Insights & Health Check

Use the Insights & Health Check section to get a quick, in-depth overview of the trends and highlights you should focus on for your site:
  • Stay on top of your site's most relevant data in just a glance
  • Get alerts about important changes on your site without reading countless reports
  • Receive actionable insights about new referrers, buttons, and pages on your site, the performance of your marketing channels, and more

Health Check

No need to go over all the stats yourself to spot changes. The Health Check alerts you about any trend on your site that you should act on.
Oribi - Health Check
Oribi constantly monitors all your key parameters, such as traffic, marketing channels, conversions, and visitor demographics. It compares the time period you’ve selected (last 7 days by default) with a similar time period to detect trends.
To dive deeper into each trend and understand potential causes, select See All.
  • Traffic. Where do changes in your traffic come from? To help you better understand your trends, Oribi scans the traffic from your marketing channels, the platforms your visitors use, and the countries they arrive from, and highlights changes you should know about.
  • Magic Events. Understand changes in your main conversion goals. Oribi analyzes all your website data and reports potential causes for changes in your Magic Events.
  • Key Pages. Spot the pages that received more or fewer visitors for the period selected. This will help you understand how your key pages perform and detect trending pages.
  • Channels. Follow your marketing channels and see how they develop across different periods. Find top performing channels to focus your efforts on.
  • Desktop vs. Mobile. See how your traffic divides across all platforms for specific periods. Major changes in platform usage can help you explain certain visitor behavior and make sure you’re optimizing for the right platforms.
  • Countries. Reveal the main countries that visit your site and detect trends in the top countries you drive traffic from to track the results of your acquisition efforts and help you target the right audience.
Traffic, Magic EventsKey Pages and Channels display by how much percent your stats grew or declined. Desktop vs. Mobile and Countries report the percentage of your overall visitors to your site for the time periods chosen.


Get the most relevant data in a glance. The Insights section will help you understand the actions that have the biggest impact on your conversions.
Oribi - Insights
For each period selected, Oribi finds the highlights in your key parameters:
  • Top Marketing Channels. Understand how each channel affects your conversion rate. Choose "Compare more channels" to see all marketing channels converting visitors came from, as well as further breakdowns for a particular event.
  • New Referrers. Know when a new channel refers to your site. Click on "See how it performs" to follow the actions visitors from this channel performed.
  • Top Visitors. Discover your most active visitors. Select a visitor to follow all their sessions and every step they've taken on your site.
  • Conversions By Session. Find out how many times prospects need to return to your site before they convert. Click on "Explore event" to see the full breakdown for an event, such as the channels and countries converting visitors came from, the platform they used, and the page on which they performed the action.
  • New Pages. Get quick access to new pages and see what percentage of your visitors visit them. When clicking "Explore page visits", you’ll dive deeper into all the metrics for that page, such as the most popular buttons on the page as well as the platform visitors browse from.
  • New Buttons. Check how new buttons perform and on which pages they perform best. Choose "Explore button clicks" to see the full breakdown for any event, how clicks develop over time, conversion rates for each channel, and more.
  • Page Insights. See visitors’ behavior on your key pages and track what they click on. Select "Explore page" to get that page's full breakdown, including peaks in traffic and the most popular buttons clicked.