Dashboard Insights

The dashboard of your Oribi account gives you a quick, in-depth overview of the trends and highlights you should focus on for your site:
  • Stay on top of your site's most relevant data in just a glance.
  • Get alerts about important changes on your site without reading countless reports.
  • Receive actionable insights about new referrers, buttons, and pages on your site, the performance of your marketing channels, and more.
Oribi constantly monitors all your key parameters, such as traffic, marketing channels, conversions, and visitor demographics. It compares the time period you’ve selected (last 7 days by default) with a similar time period to detect trends. You'll see these trends at the top of the dashboard.
Dashboard trends screenshot


Get the most relevant data in a glance. The Insights section will help you understand the actions that have the biggest impact on your conversions.
New Insights screenshot
For each period selected, Oribi finds the highlights in your key parameters:
  • New Pages. Get quick access to new pages and see what percentage of your visitors visit them. When clicking "Explore Page", you’ll dive deeper into all the metrics for that page, such as the most popular buttons on the page as well as the platform visitors browse from.
  • New Buttons. Check how new buttons perform and on which pages they perform best. Choose "Explore Button" to see the full breakdown for any event, check out how clicks develop over time, view conversion rates for each channel, and more.
  • Top Marketing Channels. Understand how each channel affects your conversion rate. Choose "Compare More Channels" to see all marketing channels converting visitors came from, as well as further breakdowns for a particular event.
  • New Referrers. Know when a new channel refers to your site. Click on "See How It's Performing" to follow the actions visitors from this channel performed.
  • Page Insights. See visitors’ behavior on your key pages and track what they click on. Click "Explore Page" to get that page's full breakdown, including peaks in traffic and the most popular buttons clicked.


This section will give you a quick glance at your various funnels for the selected time period—no need to even leave the dashboard!
By default, the funnel at the top of your funnels list is the one you'll see displayed. To check out a different funnel, select it from the dropdown. You can also create new funnels right from the dashboard by clicking + Add Funnel. For an in-depth look at how your funnels are performing by channel, geo, platform, campaign, and more, click Go to Funnels.
Dashboard - funnels section


Here you'll find the top 5 channels that brought traffic to your website during the selected time period. For each channel displayed, you'll also see the total number of visits, along with the country and platform that brought the most visitors from that particular channel. If you've connected your ad spend to Oribi, you'll also see that information displayed for each channel.
To view detailed information about all your channels, click See All Channels.
Dashboard - channels section

Recent Visitors

Along the right side of your dashboard, you'll find data about your most recent site visitors, including their location, browsing platform, and various sessions on your site. You can also see at a glance how active each visitor is on your site, as well as whether they are a returning visitor.
Click on a visitor to view their entire journey, including every action they performed on your site.
Recent Visitors