What is a Funnel

A funnel is the path a prospect takes through your site - from the initial visit through the conversion like signups, newsletter subscriptions, account creations, purchases, or anything that matters most to you on your site. On every step, visitors drop out. That’s why it’s called a funnel. 
Funnels let you visualize exactly where in the process your prospects are dropping out and help you fix these ‘leaks’ to drive more and more prospects to convert. 
Oribi’s Magic Events make it easy to build any funnel quickly. And, with Super Funnels, you’ve got a whole set of powerful capabilities at your fingertips.
Funnel Insights highlight key findings in your buyers’ journeys and give you clear, action-driven information on who is most likely to complete your funnel and how to tweak each step for better results. Oribi also allows you to view a side by side comparison of how well each funnel is performing compared to the previous time period, as well as view full breakdowns for each funnel by channel, platform, first step, geo, and more. 
For a deep dive into the essential funnels you should build for your business, check out our tutorial "Measuring Marketing Funnels: Your Must-Have Templates"