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Meet Oribi’s Super Funnels!

In addition to creating laser-sharp funnels for all your most important conversions, you now have the power to analyze those flows with Oribi’s brand new Super Funnels feature.
Super Funnels include:
  • NEW: Funnel Breakdowns - View full breakdowns for your funnels by channel, platform, first step, location, and more—all in a single click. With this powerful feature, you’ll discover opportunities to improve your visitor flow, according to various segments.
  • Funnel Insights - Instantly see the key findings Oribi has collected for your funnels, including trends discovered for individual funnel steps and tips about which visitor segments are most likely to complete the flow.
  • Funnel Comparisons - Easily compare how well your funnels perform over time and see how changes you make to your site impact results.