Analyze Your Funnel

Optimizing your funnel starts with pinpointing the exact step on which you lose the most visitors. To do that, try to nail down every step in your key funnels - from the click on your call-to-action to the page the visitor lands on after the click. 
Find the step with the biggest percentage drop.
This is where you should start optimizing. How can you simplify the flow? Are your key buttons visible and above the fold of your key pages? Is the copy clear and convincing?
Oribi’s Funnel Insights will help you better understand how to optimize each funnel step and direct your marketing efforts towards higher funnel completion rates.
Click the Show Insights button above a funnel to see the insights Oribi has collected for it. You’ll discover trends and tidbits about your funnel visitors’ locations and browsing devices, as well as the channels they arrived from.
For a deep dive into the essential funnels you should build for your business, check out our tutorial "Measuring Marketing Funnels: Your Must-Have Templates"