I added the tracking code to my site, but nothing happened.

Just go to your website to activate the code.
A connection is detected as soon as someone clicks a button or visits a page on your site. If you don't want to wait for your visitors to perform an action, simply visit your website and click something. Your site should now be connected.
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I cannot find an event on the list.

There are two main reasons this can happen:
  • Did the event occur recently? 
    - Oribi tracks events as they happen on your site. If you're not sure that the button click or page visit you want to track was performed in the last 30 days, simply go to your site and perform the specific event. Then, come back to Oribi to refresh and search for the event again.
  • The event is in an iFrame.
    - An iFrame embeds content from another website into your site. To track events that happen within an iFrame, you'll need to set up a custom event.
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Why do I see different numbers in Oribi than in my other analytics tool?

There are different ways to count conversions. This is why numbers from different tools almost never correspond. We chose the way that helps you understand your visitors best.
Collecting counts from different platforms is a challenge for any tool. This is why numbers from Facebook, Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing, and other platforms almost never correspond. Here's how we analyze your data to help you understand your visitors better:
  • We look at 100% of your data and do not sample. This way, you get fully accurate insights to make smarter decisions.
  • Oribi counts unique visitors converting on your site in order for you to know how many of your site visitors perform a specific event.
  • We attribute conversions based on the First Touch attribution model. This tells you the channel through which your converting visitors first made contact with your brand in order to help you allocate your resources better. Check the Visitor Journeys to see all channels the same visitor used to get to your site.
Check out this article to learn more about data discrepancies and how Oribi helps solve them.