Oribi and Apple's iOS 14.5 Update

How does the iOS 14.5 update affect Oribi’s tracking?

The iOS 14.5 release has brought Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Protocol (ITP) to apps and embedded web views. Apps (like Facebook), need to get users’ explicit consent (opt-in) to be tracked. For them, the iOS 14.5 update has a significant impact. 

The update also limits Oribi to a minor extent. All ITP restrictions that applied to the Safari browser so far, now apply to embedded iOS web-views, too. This means a 7-day cookie limitation and in some cases 24 hours. It also means cross-domain tracking isn’t possible. For example, if your checkout page is on another domain, Oribi will not be able to associate a complete purchase funnel that includes the checkout page with a unique user. 

Using UTMs is a great way to understand how your ads, content, or social post perform. Oribi enables you to understand visitors’ behavior based on the UTMs in the links they clicked before arriving at your site.