Do I need to add the tracking code to all pages of my site?

Nope, only to the pages you want to track with Oribi.
Oribi will track the pages you add your personal tracking code to. If you do not want to track a certain page, simply don't add the code to it.

Will Oribi slow down my site?

Absolutely not.
Oribi was designed to ensure that it has a negligible impact on the performance of any page on which it is embedded. Our script is 29kb, which is probably smaller than any image on your site.

How does Oribi protect my data?

We know how crucial strong data security is and take it extremely seriously at Oribi.
That being said: You control which data Oribi tracks.
Every insight Oribi collects will be stored in your personal account and will only be visible to the account members that have been granted access.
The data Oribi collects is fully anonymous. We do not save any personal data, such as email addresses or exact locations of your visitors.
All data is processed and stored in world-renowned data centers in the United States.

My website has changed. Do I need to do anything?

No. Just make sure the tracking code is still there.
As long as your Oribi tracking code is still added to all the pages you'd like to track, Oribi will continue tracking all events and pages automatically for you and add new events as they occur.

Can I use Oribi and other analytics tools at the same time?

Of course.
If you want, you can use Oribi together with other analytics tools.
Oribi focuses on increasing your conversions. We give you the tools to understand why visitors behave the way they do, analyze patterns for you, and give you insights as to what's positively affecting your conversions.

Is there a limit to the number of events I can capture?

No. We capture everything.
Oribi captures every button click or page visit that happens on the site(s) you have connected.