Export to Intercom

Exporting Oribi’s events to your Intercom account will enable you to send personalized campaigns to users and leads at exactly the right step in their customer journey.
For this integration, all you need are your Oribi and Intercom accounts. Follow the steps below to activate the integration and get started exporting your Oribi events to Intercom.
  1. Enable email integration in Oribi.
    In order for Oribi to associate visitors who log in or sign up on your site with their respective contacts in Intercom, you’ll need to first enable Oribi’s email integration feature. You can read instructions on how to set that up here.
  2. Connect your Oribi account to Intercom.
    In your Oribi account, click Settings >> Ecosystem. From the dropdown just below the Ecosystem tab, select the ecosystem you’d like to connect with Intercom.

    Click Connect A Platform, choose Intercom from the list of platforms, and follow the onscreen instructions. When prompted, authorize access for your Intercom account.
    Connect a Platform - Intercom
    To disconnect your ecosystem from Intercom, go to Settings > Ecosystem in your Oribi account. Click Disconnect from Intercom under the Intercom tab.
  3. Select which Magic Events you’d like to export to Intercom.
    To choose the events you’d like to export and use in your Intercom campaigns, go to Manage Events > Manage Magic Events in your Oribi account.
    Hubspot Manage Events
    Next to the events you want to export to Intercom, click Export Event. If the event is already being exported to a different platform, click the down arrow on the Exported Event button and choose Edit. Type how you want the event to appear in Intercom and click Export.
  4. View your exported events in Intercom.
    In your Intercom account, go to Settings > Workspace Data > Events. Here, you’ll see a full list of the events you’re currently tracking in Intercom. By default, your most recently created events will appear at the top of the list—so you shouldn’t have to scroll far to see your exported Oribi events.

    Please note that Intercom allows users to track up to 120 events. If you find you reach the limit and would like to archive unused events to make space for new ones, head here to organize your events.
    Intercom settings > events
And there you have it! Whenever a user on your site performs one of the events you exported, that data will be sent to Intercom. You can then use that event to create highly targeted segments and personalized email campaigns in Intercom.