Export to Hubspot CRM

This integration exports events from Oribi Analytics into Hubspot’s Contact Records— specifically into the Activity Timeline. These events can then be used to trigger Hubspot Workflows. 
In order to enjoy this powerful integration you’ll need:
  1. An active Oribi account
  2. An active Hubspot account
Follow these steps to activate the integration.

1. Enable email integration in Oribi.

Enable email integration in your Oribi account so we can associate visitors who log in or sign up to your site with their respective Hubspot contacts. See instructions here. 

2. Connect your Oribi account to Hubspot.

Head over to Oribi, click Settings >> Ecosystem, and choose the ecosystem you’d like to connect with Hubspot. 
Then, click “Connect a Platform”, choose the Hubspot account with which you wish to integrate your ecosystem, and approve permissions.
Hubspot Integration - Connect a Platform
To disconnect your ecosystem from Hubspot,  just head to Settings >> Ecosystem, and click “Disconnect” under the Hubspot tab.
Disconnect from Hubspot

3. In Oribi, select the Magic Events you’d like to export to Hubspot.

To choose which events will be sent to a contact’s timeline on Hubspot, go to Manage Events >> Manage Magic Events.
Hubspot Manage Events
Then, select the event you want to export and choose how it will appear in your Hubspot  contacts’ timelines. In our case, I chose “Request a Demo”.
Hubspot Export Events

4. See your exported event in a contact’s timeline activity on Hubspot.

Head over to a contact’s timeline on Hubspot, click “Filter activity”, and tick the Oribi checkbox.
Hubspot Screenshot
And that’s it! Any time a contact requests a demo, it will appear in their timeline. You can then use these exported events to trigger Workflows on Hubspot.