Export to Google Ads

To export events from Google Analytics to Google Ads, you need to have your Google Analytics account connected to Oribi. Read here how to do it.
Every event exported from Oribi to Google Analytics can also be easily added to your Google Ads account. Add Oribi’s events to Google Ads to analyze events by keywords, create smarter Remarketing campaigns, and build better Similar Audiences

To add an event to Google Ads:
If you already have your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts connected, you can proceed to Step 3.

Step 1: Make sure your Google Analytics account is linked to your Google Ads account.
If you haven’t linked them yet, read here how to do it.

Step 2: In your Google Analytics account, turn your exported events into Goals
  1. To use your exported events in Google Analytics, you need to turn them into goals first. Enter your Google Analytics account. Once you’ve exported events from Oribi to Google Analytics, you will find them under Behavior > Events > Overview > Event Label.
    Export Events to Google Analytics - Event Label
  2. Go to Admin > View > Goals.
    Export Events to Google Analytics - view goals in Admin
  3. Choose to create a New Goal.
    Export Events to Google Analytics - Create a new goal
  4. Select a Custom Goal setup and click Continue.
  5. Under Goal description, define a descriptive Name for your new goal, choose any free Goal slot ID - Google offers 20 free slots - and select Events to create your goal based on an exported event. Then, click Continue.
    Export Events to Google Analytics - Edit goal description
  6. Define the CategoryAction, or Label for your new goal. This needs to match with your exported Oribi event display name. If you are not sure how your exported event is defined, go back to Behavior > Events > Overview to find the Event Category, Event Action, and Event Label for the exported event you want to turn into a goal.
    Export Events to Google Analytics - Edit goal details
  7. Click Save. You will find your new goal under the Goals tab.

Step 3: Import your goals into Google Ads.
  1. In your Google Ads account, go to Tools & Settings > Measurement > Conversions.
    Export Events to Google Ads - Conversions
  2. Choose the blue + button to create a new conversion.
  3. Select Import > Google Analytics and click Continue.
    Export Events to Google Ads - Google Analytics conversion type
  4. Choose the goals you’d like to import from Google Analytics and click Import and Continue.
  5. Click Done.

How you can use exported events for Search, Display Ads, and Youtube: