Connect Your Accounts

To start exporting events to any of your platforms, you’ll need to connect them with Oribi first.
  1. Click ⚙︎  and choose Settings.
    Shopify - Enter Oribi's settings
  2. Under Ecosystem > Connect Platforms, select the platform you would like to connect with Oribi.
    You can connect each ecosystem or domain to a different platform. So, for example, if you have different Facebook ad accounts, choose By Domain to connect different accounts or platforms to different domains.

    Connect your platforms with Oribi
  3. Choose the platform and account you want to connect and follow the steps indicated on the screen.
    In some cases, Facebook ad accounts might have more than one Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel is a unique identifier through which Oribi and the channel send events. If there’s more than one Pixel associated with the selected Facebook ad account, you’ll be asked to choose the right Pixel from the dropdown.
To disconnect an account, go to ⚙︎  > Settings > Ecosystem and choose the platform you would like to disconnect.
Disconnecting will stop sending events to the platform. Already exported events will no longer be updated. If you reconnect your platform, previously exported events will automatically be exported again.