How to Add UTMs on Your Main Platforms

Place the UTM link in the URL field of the ad or email you want to link from. Here’s an overview on how to add UTMs to your main platforms:
  • Facebook & Instagram:
    Enter the Business Manager to add UTM links to your Facebook and Instagram ads. The UTM tags are placed at the ad level. Choose a campaign and ad set. Then click “Edit” below the ad you would like to tag.
Adding UTMs to your FB ads
Then, enter the URL parameters utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=campaignName (not the full link!) in the URL Parameters field.
UTM parameter examples for FB ads
Click Publish when you’re done.
  • Google:
    Enter the Ads & extensions section and choose the ad you would like to UTM tag.
Adding UTMs to your Google Ads
When hovering over the ad name you’ll see a pencil appear. Click it and choose edit. On the new screen that opens, replace the Final URL with the full UTM tagged link, such as
Editing UTM parameter text in Google
  • Email:
    Add the specific UTM parameters to any link you use in your emails.
Adding UTMS to emails