Why We Use First Touch Attribution

Oribi tracks 100% of your data, and in order to turn data into meaningful and valuable insights we choose to use first touch attribution as the default method for our analysis. However, if you're interested in using other methods, scroll down to "Other attribution modules''.
Oribi’s attribution module is based on the first touch. It’s exactly as it sounds: the channel that first brought the visitor is the channel that gets the credit. This model allows you to understand which channels bring the most new customers, which also helps you know where to focus your marketing efforts. It’s like planting a seed for conversion.
One major advantage of Oribi’s first touch attribution module is that, since we’re not an advertising platform, we can remain objective. Our only aim is to provide you with accurate data. Using the first touch attribution model you’ll have concrete knowledge of where to attribute new leads that arrive on your site. 
Let’s say a user first came to your site organically. 19 hours later they saw an ad on Google, and 6 hours later they saw an ad on facebook. Finally, they went back to your site after 24 hours, and made a purchase. In this scenario, both Facebook and Google will attribute the purchase to themselves. However, looking at first touch attribution will reveal that the user initially “discovered” you through an organic search! This analysis allows you to optimize the “top” of your funnel and make sure your marketing resources are invested in the right place.
First Touch visitor journey

Other Attribution Modules

In our attribution feature, you can apply more attribution models, and see how your marketing channels are involved in any button click, form submission, or page visit. Each of them will help you understand better how to divide your marketing efforts.
You can learn more about different attribution modules and this specific feature here.