What is Marketing Attribution

In today’s digital world, customers can interact with your brand through multiple channels before converting on your site.
Let’s say a prospect initially arrives at your site through a post on your company blog. A week later, he gets retargeted by your ad on Facebook and returns to your site. He signs up for a demo and leaves again. After the demo, a few days later, he creates his account on your site. Which of your marketing efforts drove the conversion?
With so many channels and types of prospects, it becomes notoriously difficult to know exactly where or how to focus your efforts.
Marketing attribution is the process of assigning the credit for a conversionsuch as subscriptions to your newsletter, content downloads, or visits to your pricing pageto the marketing channels involved prior to the conversion.
Using this feature, you can identify all the marketing channels involved in any button click, form submission, or page visit, as well as choose how to assign ‘credit’ to each channel in any given campaign to evaluate your marketing efforts.