Explore Page Visits

Optimizing your top pages can be the key to increasing conversions.
Use Explore Page Visits to learn which sections on your site are the most significant and understand how visitors behave on each page. The Page Visits section includes the same breakdowns as the Button Clicks section, as well as a breakdown of the button clicks on a particular page.
You can also explore page groups, such as all your blog pages, using the Magic Events capabilities.

Button Clicks

A common practice today for analyzing pages is using heat maps. Heat maps provide very high-level data on how people use your site. However, rather than using heat maps, Oribi collects the exact number of clicks for each button. Without defining any code events you can see what the most popular buttons are on a page and what percentage of visitors click each one. This breakdown will help you understand what your visitors are looking for.
Find the most clicked buttons on your key pages and highlight them on your site. These are the actions your visitors are looking for. Buttons with a low number of clicks you might want to place on another page.