1. Log in to your WordPress account.
  2. In the left side menu, click Plugins and then select Add New.
    WordPress - Add new plugin
  3. Search for ″Oribi Analytics″ in the Search Plugins… input field.
    WordPress - Oribi Analytics plugin
  4. Install the official Oribi plugin by clicking Install Now, and then Activate.
    WordPress - Install plugin & activate
  5. Now, click Settings under the Oribi plugin.
    WordPress - Oribi plugin settings
  6. Copy and paste your Oribi tracking code into the input field.
    WordPress - Copy and paste your Oribi tracking code
  7. Click Save Changes.
    WordPress - Save changes to install Oribi's plugin
  8. Optional: Activate Oribi's email integration to follow individual customers across your store and see their actions across devices. With Oribi's WordPress plugin Oribi Analytics, it takes one click to activate this feature. Read more here.