1. Log in to your WordPress account.
  2. In the left side menu, click Plugins and then select Add New.
    WordPress - Add new plugin
  3. Search for ″Oribi Analytics for WooCommerce″ in the Search Plugins… input field.
    WooCommerce - Search Plugins
  4. Install the official Oribi plugin by clicking Install Now, and then Activate.
    WooCommerce - Activate plugins
  5. Now, click Settings under the Oribi plugin.
    WooCommerce - Plugin Settings
  6. Paste your Oribi tracking code in the ‘Tracking Code’ input field and click Save Changes.
    WooCommerce - Paste Oribi tracking code
  7. Please choose if you want Oribi to count only your complete orders (toggle on) or also pending orders. For example, if your selling process requires making sure that certain types of products are available in the inventory before you process them, it might make sense to track only completed orders. Please note that we cannot adjust orders' count on the Oribi dashboard in case you choose to show non-final orders too.