Connecting Oribi will enable you to explore visitor behavior and understand how it affects your revenue. You can easily connect Oribi with your Shopify account using Oribi’s Shopify App. 

How to Connect Oribi to Your Shopify Store

  1. In your Oribi account, go to Settings > Add a Domain, and choose the Ecosystem you want to add the online store to.
  2. Under the Shopify tab, enter your store URL and click on Install Unlisted App on Shopify.
    Install the Oribi - Marketing Analytics App on Shopify
  3. Log in to your Shopify account.
  4. In Shopify’s Apps section, click on Install Unlisted App.
    Install Oribi - Marketing Analytics App on Shopify
  5. Refresh your store’s website to initiate the connection.
    Oribi detects an event once it is performed. This means you will see your Revenue in Oribi the moment the first purchase is tracked.