Google Tag Manager

  1. Go to your Google Tag Manager.
  2. In the menu on the left, click Tags.
    GTM left menu - tags
  3. Click New.
    GTM tags - new button
  4. Click on the Tag Configuration box. In the Choose tag type list, select Custom HTML.
    GTM - Custom HTML tag configuration
  5. Paste Oribi's tracking code in the HTML box that appears below.
    GTM - Paste your Oribi tracking code
  6. Click the Triggering box.
    GTM - Triggering box
  7. Under Choose a trigger, select All Pages to enable Oribi to track your entire site.
    GTM - Trigger all pages
  8. In the upper left corner, give a meaningful name to this new tag, such as ″Oribi″.
  9. Your tag configuration page should look like this:
    GTM - Tag configuration page example
  10. In the upper right corner of the overview click Submit.
    GTM - Submit tag configuration
  11. Give the new version a descriptive name and click Publish.
    GTM - Publish changes