Ad Spend

Keep your ad campaigns on budget - across multiple platforms and ad accounts. 
Oribi’s Ad Spend lets you monitor exactly how much you spend on Facebook, Google, and Youtube, and keep track of how much each visitor costs you.
Ad Spend - Channels

Connect your ad accounts

  1. In Oribi, click ⚙︎ > Settings > Ecosystem and scroll down to Connect Platforms.
Connecting platforms for Ad Spend
2. Click Connect A Platform, choose to connect your Facebook Ads or Google Ads account, and follow the instructions on the screen.
Connecting your marketing platforms, such as Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads, or Mailchimp also allows you to export visitor actions from Oribi and use them to build more powerful campaigns, send more effective emails, and target your most valuable audiences. Learn more here.

Analyze Your Ad Spend

Once your marketing platforms are connected, Oribi starts tracking your ad spend.
You’ll see your ad spend per platform under Channels > Referrers.
Monitor your ad spend via Channels
The columns after “All visits” represent the key metrics you’ve set as Magic Events. If your campaigns aim for a specific action, like “Request a Demo”, make sure to set this action as a Magic Event in Oribi to see how much your campaign goal costs you.

Compare Your Sales With Your Ad Spend

Know exactly how much ROI you get from every ad dollar spent. This feature lets you measure how effective your campaigns really are and helps you act quickly if one is not.
Revenue tracking needs to be enabled to use this feature. Here’s how to track revenue in Oribi for ShopifyWooCommerce, and all other platforms.
Compare your ad spend to your sales
Once your Facebook Ads or Google Ads account is connected, Oribi will automatically monitor and update your ad spend side by side with your sales:
  • eCommerce Dashboard
    Compare how much you earn and how much you spend on each channel per day, week, month, or any time period you choose. The colors help you detect top performers and alert you quickly if one of your channels costs more than it earns.
Ad Spend on eCommerce Dashboard
  • Channels
    In Channels > Referrers, you’ll see exactly how much you spend on Facebook, Google, and Youtube, know which actions those visitors take, and be able to easily evaluate the quality of those leads.
See your ad spend in the Channels section