Analytics is confusing. We make it easy.

Insights & Trends

Get clear answers, without the heavy lifting.
Getting lost in endless piles of data?
Oribi highlights what requires your attention and turns your data into action.
  • Get actionable insights to drive results
  • Understand trends and be ahead of changes
  • No BS, only the information you need

Event Tracking

No developers required.
Depending on others sucks. Especially, when you don’t have time to waste.

Oribi makes you fully independent from developers. Every button click and page visit is automatically tracked for you.
  • Track and compare multiple campaigns by their UTM
  • Define your conversion goals without any code
  • No maintenance - Events are updated dynamically

Funnels, Correlations & More

Optimize for more conversions.
Great traffic is not enough!
Oribi’s optimization features empower you to understand what works, what doesn’t work, and how to drive more conversions.
  • Uncover where you lose prospects, even across domains
  • Reveal which events drive conversions
  • Never miss anything with Oribi’s insights

Marketing Channel Analysis

Invest in the right channels.
Nothing is wasting your resources more than focusing on the wrong channels.
Oribi helps you easily spot the channels that acquire the most engaged prospects and result in more conversions.
  • Evaluate how each channel contributes to your goals
  • Stay on top of new referrers and spot opportunities
  • Track and compare multiple campaigns by their UTM

Visitor Journeys

Pinpoint specific behaviour.
Imagine you could look over your prospects’ shoulder.
Now you can! Oribi gives you access to every step of individual visitors to understand specific behavior and look into top paths.
  • Follow single visitors across different sessions and multiple domains
  • Use Oribi’s smart filters to look into journeys of specific segments
  • Connect email addresses to match journeys to your top prospects


Share your best results
Why would you spend hours to build your reports, if you can have it in a button click?
With Oribi, you get jaw-dropping, customized reports to share your great work with others.
  • Get ready-made, beautiful reports to share your results
  • Customize the look, logos and data you want to include
  • Schedule your reports to be shared automatically

Marketing Attribution

Connect all touchpoints.
Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, ... Your customers have several touchpoints before converting on your site.

This makes planning your marketing activities a struggle. Oribi’s Marketing Attribution solves this issue.
  • Uncover all touchpoints involved in a conversion
  • Choose different models to evaluate your activities
  • Define the right acquisition strategy for all your goals