Automatically created events

Oribi was designed especially for marketing and product people, and therefore automatically tracks 100% of the website events and data, to monitor absolutely everything. Each page visit, click, and value entry are automatically named - clearly, concisely, and easy to understand, with a description and a visual snapshot of the event from the website.

Trend alerts

Instead of manually going over endless tables and reports, Oribi will alert you on important changes in your data, helping you understand what to focus on in seconds.

Get alerts on changes in traffic volumes, conversions, platform performance, or anything worth noticing, like:

  • 30% of your traffic is coming from a certain channel, but it only generates 10% of the conversions.
  • The amount of users from your Facebook campaigns is decreasing.
  • Significant change in the number of conversions coming from mobile devices.


Finally answer the most critical questions. Where your sign-ups are coming from, which users pay, and why you see less or more conversions. Inspect each event and view its breakdown:

By Referrer

The channels which users who performed the event are coming from

By Platform

Which platform converts the best, and where should you fix your funnel

By Page

From which website or blog post your users convert

By time of the day

When is the best time to promote your website. Morning, afternoon, evening, or night?


Which traffic sources mediums and campaigns are delivering the best results


Measure marketing channels.
See which marketing channels are getting you the best results and users. See how many conversions and engaged users are coming from each channel.

Explore user sessions

See the full history of each of your users - all sessions, the events they performed in each one, engagement, which devices they used and how they initially got to your website. Understand which audience type is the most effective, and how to get more of it.