Upscope Co-Browsing uses Oribi to nail
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traffic increase in only 16 hours
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The Challenge
We invest a lot of time in our blog and were looking for a way to generate more leads. Before Oribi, we misunderstood which pages converted the most blog readers into sign ups for the product and which links a visitor clicks when they come to a blog post.

The Solution
Oribi showed us that some smaller blog posts were converting the most readers into signups. So, we’ve started promoting these blog posts, and wrote more posts with similar content. While a tool like Google Analytics requires multiple clicks to show even part of this information, Oribi's system is set up to record and display events that show us high converting pages and the links that are being clicked. Oribi felt like it was built for exactly our problem.
Oribi has figured out the whole events and funnels thing.
They figured out that I don’t give a damn about data, I want answers. I want to know what blog posts are working, what links are visitors really clicking, what page is converting most people into sign ups. It's a nightmare getting that information from Google Analytics and Oribi nails it.
- Pardeep Kullar, Co-Founder of
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Key Oribi Features Used
Explore Page Visits to analyze the most recently published posts and see which links readers clicked on.
Explore Button Clicks for our main product site in order to see, for example, what % of new visitors are now watching the main explainer video and clicking on new links we've created.
Smart Funnels, which are very, very easy to set up, unlike so many other tools out there. They’ll soon be important when we start refining where we place links and text, and what that text says.
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