Oribi helps the University of Liverpool demonstrate the global impact of their ChemTube project.

The Challenge

While we already knew that people across the globe were using our site,
pinpointing the exact institutions and areas of engagement was a
different story. In Google Analytics, we were not able to see the closed
learning environments our users were coming from—which we needed to
know for our Research Excellence Framework submission.

The Solution

With Oribi, we were able to see exactly how students and educators from around
the world were engaging with our site, such as which virtual learning environments
linked to ChemTube and what sorts of activities were being used most. This
knowledge was invaluable in providing the university with evidence of engagement
for the ChemTube site, and was an important component in demonstrating the
project’s value in our REF submission.

“The kind of data that can be collected using Oribi Analytics is superior to what you can get in other ways.”

Dr. Nick Greeves, Director of Teaching & Learning, University of Liverpool

Key Oribi Features Used

The Channels Section was key in discovering the wide range of referrers bringing users to ChemTube. It showed us the individual learning environments linking back to us, and also highlighted new types of referrers we hadn’t even been aware of! This information is definitely not something easily found in Google Analytics.
With Oribi’s Pinned Events, we were able to easily keep track of the sorts of activities each user was doing on the site. This helped us to further demonstrate their engagement.

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