With Oribi,
Unclockable sells
3x more


more sales


change in pricing strategy
resulted in revenue growth

The Challenge

Prior to Oribi, we’d been using basic metrics of Google Analytics and
our traffic was okay, but we knew we were missing opportunities in
our data.

The Solution

In 2 days, we’ve made 3 key optimizations based on the plain English insights we’ve
pulled from Oribi and changed our whole mindset. Instead of traffic, we started
looking ‘behind the curtain’. With Oribi’s correlations, we realized our visitors need
more product information before they’re ready to buy. With some changes on our
website, such as expanding the FAQs by default and adding more informative
content on the product pages, we’ve literally tripled our conversion rate. Oribi has
become our stethoscope to find optimization opportunities in our store.

My job is to anticipate and answer our customers’ "Before I Buy" questions. Oribi accelerates that process, and makes me feel like a genius. It’s like having an analyst on staff, without the headcount.
Maddie Bleistern, CEO & Founder

Key Oribi Features Used

Event Correlations, which are quick to build and presented in plain English, were key in achieving the big jump in our conversion rate.
Smart Funnels are super easy to build and can also be filtered for different segments. Thanks to this feature, we added another currency to our store.

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