Oribi helps The Sensitive
make confident business decisions

The Challenge

I have to make a million decisions about the business every day,
and Google Analytics didn’t help me with that. So much time goes into our
website content, and from the data in Google Analytics, we couldn’t really
understand what visitors were doing on the site or how to engage them.

The Solution

Oribi has made me confident in my business decisions and always inspires my
next move. It helps me find the best landing pages, create the best content, and
tap into the full potential of our traffic. Now, I can test new activities easily and get
clear, immediate feedback on what works.

Since I started using Oribi, I feel so much more confident that I’m
making the right business decisions.
Katrin Brüheim, Founder
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Key Oribi Features Used

Visitor Journeys are like sitting next to your users. Now I see exactly how they interact with the content I create and how long people take on each step.
Because it takes only a few seconds to build any funnel in Oribi, we can easily check the flow from every landing page and quickly spot what needs work.

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