Marketing Agency

Oribi helps Studio Two
to easily demonstrate their value to clients.


saved monthly for building reports


direct effect of our content on sales

The Challenge

Creating reports for our clients had been taking us 2 full days every month.

The Solution

Oribi’s Custom Reports feature is brilliant! We’ve reduced the time spent on
reports from 2 days to 2 hours per month. And for the first time, we were also
able to prove that content we’ve suggested has a direct effect on sales!

We used to define ourselves as more of a graphic design studio - now, we can
offer the full scope of digital services for our clients.

We came for Oribi’s reports, and got so much more. With Oribi’s
insights we moved from ‘guts’ to actual prove. Next to our design
skills, we now also offer digital analytics for our clients.
Steven Vawdrey, Director & Head of Analytics and Marketing at Studio Two

Key Oribi Features Used

Custom Reports to share results with our clients in an easy, lightning fast, and super attractive way.
Event Correlations to evaluate every page, post or other content we’ve advised our clients to add and demonstrate how they add to their success.

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