Consumer Service

With Oribi, Defero
makes sure to focus their efforts on what matters




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The Challenge

I’m not very technical and hate spending a lot of time on
over-complicated solutions.

The Solution

Oribi is very easy to use and provides me all the necessary insights for my
business. They also have very good customer service.

I use Oribi several times every day, both when doing analytics as well as in meetings. I have all the insights I need readily available whenever I need them. If I need to drill further and explore the details of a funnel this is also intuitively available. I've grown to become dependent on Oribi.
Eigil Arff Tarjem, CEO at Defero

Key Oribi Features Used

I love the Button Clicks and Channels functions. These make it super easy to see which channels are working and which buttons on my website actually work.

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