The Alexander Watson team doubled their mobile conversions


higher conversion rate
for mobile users
Mindset Switch

The Challenge

The goal of our website is to direct visitors to request a quote. When we found Oribi, we
were browsing for alternatives to Google Analytics because we felt we could get more
out of all the time we invest in our website content.

In our very first session, we discovered that we had a major leak in the conversion
rate for mobile users.

The Solution

A deeper look at the mobile view for some of our key pages showed that we
needed to drop some content and highlight the Call-to-Action better. With those
insights and a few modifications, we saw almost immediate results.

Now, our conversion rate for mobile users is even slightly higher than for desktop.

If you don't have time to waste and are looking for real results, real
fast, then Oribi Professional Services is an absolute no brainer.
Jeremy Watson, CEO

Key Oribi Features Used

Insights. Simple directions in plain English about what to improve and how to tap into the full potential of our site’s traffic.
Visitor Journeys are super easy to understand and pretty addicitive. We instantly see how visitors are browsing through the site and what they click.

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