Leading the CS team at Oribi is a truly unique opportunity; you’ll impact the company’s growth, and product roadmap, as well as the way thousands of companies around the world manage their marketing. The Oribi CS team is in charge of increasing engagement, evaluating user behavior, analyzing personas, forging relationships with top customers, and creating content for new and existing customers (videos, guides, tutorials and flows). We’ve just announced our Series B funding, which brings Oribi’s funding to $27M. Growing and optimizing the CS team is one of our key goals for 2021.  
We’re looking for someone who loves people, products, data, and technology. Oribi’s CS team is not a typical one—we’re a low touch company that serves a wide variety of customers. This means:
  • We’ve got a small team of CSMs who are in charge of hundreds of customers. We don’t have an ongoing relationship with most of our customers. BUT, we really care about them.
  • Zero-touch user flows are required. 
  • In a way, the CS team is an integral part of the product team. The roadmap is designed together, based on user feedback. 

You’ll be in charge of:
  • Planning, implementing, and managing different methods to ensure customer engagement, from managing the on-boarding calls operation to building zero-touch flows. 
  • Managing the support team.
  • Training and developing the team members’ personal skills and capabilities
  • Analyzing the main reasons for engagement and churn. This includes product usage analysis, use case analysis, and persona analysis. 
  • Working closely with the sales team on upsells.
  • Working closely with the product team on features that increase engagement and lead to upsells.
  • Acting as a liaison between clients and the product organization, funneling and prioritizing critical product feedback. 
  • Managing a team of CSMs, support managers, and a product marketing manager.  
  • Working closely with our CEO. 

  • We’re looking for that special combination of ‘people person’ and strong analytical skills. It’s about people, but also about the numbers and trends they represent. 
  • Product orientation—being able to dive deeply into the product and fully understand  product requests. 
  • Experience in leading SaaS CS teams, defining and implementing CS processes. 
  • A ‘hands on’ approach. While you’re going to manage the team, many of the processes and flows are not defined yet. You’ll be in charge of building them. 
  • Creativity. We will adopt some of the industry best practices but will need to create some of our own as well. 😀 
  • An analytical, data-driven, and process-oriented mindset

  • As Oribi is a marketing analytics tool, prior knowledge of this industry (marketing analytics, digital marketing, PPC, content marketing) is a huge advantage. 
  • Product or dev background 
  • Being part of a low touch SaaS B2B company

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