Junior Product Analyst

Tel-Aviv, Israel. Full-time.

With hundreds of paying customers and thousands of users, Oribi has a huge data set of user behavior to learn from. We’re looking for a product analyst to join our team. This is a fascinating role which will have a huge impact.

We’re looking for someone highly analytical who loves numbers and data, but also a people person who enjoys holding user interviews. We know it’s a rare combination :)

This role will include:

  • Collecting and analyzing user behavior data. From producing weekly and monthly reports to analyzing how users are using a new feature we recently released.
  • User interviews. Collecting requirements for new features, understanding how customers are using Oribi today and even interviewing users who left Oribi after a short while.
  • Collecting and summarizing feedback from our Customer Success Team. Our Customer Success Managers are in a daily communication with Oribi users at all stages and receive lots of feedback. We’re looking for someone who’ll help us summarize and process the insights.
  • Product research. Research competitor products.
  • Market research

We’d love to hear from you if you have:

  • Love and passion for a great product experience. No need for a previous experience in product management, however you should be familiar with a lot of products and love amazing UX and UI.
  • Technical skills. This role requires working with a lot of different tools, performing queries, help with basic technical research, and a high understanding of the technical requirements for each feature.
  • Good personal communication skills.
  • Experience in marketing - a HUGE bonus. Previous experience in marketing positions, marketing analytics or at a marketing agency.
  • English as your native language - or fluent in speaking and writing.


  • You'll be at the heart of the company and involved in all the major product decisions.
  • You’ll have a huge impact on the growth of the product.
  • You’ll work directly with Iris Shoor, our CEO.

** Please note this is a junior position. It’s not a good fit for people with lots of experience who are looking to get into product management.

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