What we're building here has huge value.
We want to make an impact. Oribi's goal is to give companies of all sizes access to the same advantages that enterprises have. We're democratizing data, helping everyone to understand what drives their business. And our users l-o-v-e us.
You'll get a real opportunity to impact the product.
From feature ideas to UX solutions. The product is the heart of our company.
Led by a third-time entrepreneur.
It's not just about the business experience, but also the managerial experience. Oribi was founded by Iris Shoor. This is the 3rd company she's leading to success.
We're a team of creators and doers.
Working on crazy scales, new technologies, complex algorithms, creative marketing, innovative customer success, with no 2 days being the same.
We don't follow others.
Great companies paved their own path. We're open-minded, creative and bold.
We help each other grow.
Professional fulfillment isn't about a ping pong table or fancy food. It's about personal growth. We're a very close team, we support each other and believe in each other. It's the perfect place to step up.