The 12 Best Marketing Agency Tools For 2022 And Beyond
Megan Mahoney, Wed Dec 22 2021, 23 min
Today, plenty of marketing tools enable teams to be more efficient, effective, and leaner. However, the rush to adopt the best technology to improve agency processes can also lead to bloat in your marketing stack, costing thousands of dollars per month.
However, deciding which ones to keep and which ones are unnecessary can be overwhelming.
Therefore, we created a list of the best marketing agency tools for various categories to explain why they are the best in their class.

Tools For All Marketing Agencies

1. Oribi – Analytics/Reporting

Analytics are the lifeblood of your business – if clients can see you make them $2 million per year, they'd be happy to pay at least $1 million for your services. Therefore, excellent analytics data is an easy way to increase your pricing and reduce churn by proving the value of your services.
However, tracking analytics and proving your value through excellent reporting is trickier than it sounds.
To gather the data, you often have to hire an analytics expert to set up goal tracking in Google Analytics (and if you forget to track an event or do it incorrectly, you won’t have data on it until the next reporting cycle).
Even if you do track your campaigns effectively, creating reports that truly show off the value of your services often requires you to purchase a third-party reporting tool that integrates all of your data into one place.
To solve this, we decided to create Oribi, which allows anyone on your team to track virtually any event with the click of a button (rather than with code).
Here’s how you can start effectively measuring marketing performance with Oribi:

1. Start tracking client sites in just 3 minutes with a simple copy and paste process.

Rather than hiring an analytics expert, giving them access to your dashboard, and making sure all of the code is set up properly, Oribi’s codeless platform makes it easy for anyone on your team to set up a funnel or track an event with just a few clicks.

2. Oribi automatically tracks all of the events on your website (no setup or technical skills required).

Goal tracking is a pain in Google Analytics. You have to hire an analytics expert or even a developer to track various goals. Then, if you forget to track a certain goal or it was improperly tracked, you have to wait until the next reporting cycle to gather that data. 
Fortunately, that’s not the case with Oribi.
Once installed on a website, Oribi automatically tracks every event on your website. This means you never have to set up event tracking. Ever.
Instead, to see how a particular event is performing (such as a click on a certain button of a certain page, or traffic to a certain blog post), you can navigate to the Magic Events feature, which offers a catalog of nearly all the events on your website.
From there, click on the specific event you want to track within the catalog, and you'll see the data for that event in seconds.
Agency Tools - Pic 2
In addition, Oribi has no limit on the amount of historical data you can track, so you can see data on any event all the way back to the day you first installed Oribi.

3. Use the event tracking to create funnels, correlations, and channel performance with just a few clicks (no coding required).

Tracking a few events is great, but it doesn’t give you a full understanding of how your website is performing as a whole, or what your customer’s journey looks like.
That’s why we also make it easy to set up funnels, view correlations, and analyze channel performance – all with zero coding. Let’s jump into each one.
Creating Funnels
To create a funnel, all you have to do is select the event types, choose the events you want to track from the drop-down menu (these are the Magic Events you created in the first step), and then name the step. 
Just like that, your funnel is set up!
Agency Tools - Pic 3
Viewing Correlations
Another unique feature Oribi offers is correlations, which enables you to ask whether one event correlates with another. For example, are people that visit the blog more likely to convert?
Agency Tools - Correlation Example
This makes the value of your services clearer to clients as a 2% conversion rate from blog visitors doesn’t compute well in their minds. However, a stat that says “blog visitors are 10x more likely to convert” makes your value very clear.
Analyze Channel Performance
Finally, Oribi makes it super easy to analyze which channels are your top performers. For example, you can see whether Facebook ads or Google organic search drives more visitors, and you can also see which channels drive higher conversions.
Agency Tools - Channels Example
You can also see the full user journey, so you’ll be able to view exactly how many channels contributed to each conversion and at what points within the journey they assisted.

4. Click “create a report,” and all of your data is automatically transformed into easy-to-read reports.

Traditionally, agencies have to gather reports from various sources and then purchase a third-party tool to import all of the data into dashboards. This is time consuming and adds to bloat in your marketing stack.
Therefore, using a tool like Oribi that already has all of your data integrated makes it easy to create reports with just a single click. In addition to the basic summaries that Oribi generates automatically, you can also select the magic events you want to add.
Agency Tools - Report Example
Perhaps the best thing about our reports is that they demonstrate the value of your agency in a much clearer format. For example, the correlations allow you to see not just a number percentage of a particular metric, but how one event impacts the rest of your funnel.
Report - Correlations Example
You can also customize the reports with your own design and branding for a polished, professional look without paying for a separate reporting tool. Once the reports are ready, you can schedule them to send automatically.
Report - Design
To see for yourself how Oribi can improve client satisfaction by connecting your efforts to real business results, start a free trial today.

Top Benefits of Oribi:

All of Your Data in One Place
Rather than relying on multiple third-party data sources and then integrating them into a single dashboard, your data is collected automatically into your reports in Oribi's interface.
Anyone Can Set Up And Track Events (Clicks not Coding)
Oribi automatically tracks all events without prompting. So when it comes time for reporting, all you have to do is click on the events you want to be included (the conversion rate on a specific page, the traffic to a certain page, etc,). In addition, if you’d like to group events (track all CTA clicks on the site, or all visits to a group of pages) it’s super easy to do so with the Magic Events feature. This makes it easy for anyone in your agency to access any data a client may want.
Limitless Historical Data (For Any Event) From The Day Oribi is Installed
Oribi allows you to collect any data from the day it was installed. So if you're putting together your report and realize you forgot to track conversions from the blog, you can just create a Magic Event with a few clicks you'll have access to that data. On the other hand, tools like Google Analytics would force you to wait until the next reporting cycle to collect that data.
Reports That Communicate Value – Not Just Numbers
Oribi's reporting is very clear and shows your clients concise answers and insights rather than complicated graphs and overwhelming numbers.  For example, instead of saying 50% of your total traffic is organic, you can say that organic visitors are 5 times more likely to convert – a much more compelling statistic for an SEO agency. 
Automated Reporting
You can schedule recurring reports to send at a specific date and time rather than wasting time gathering data for reporting each week.
Free Analytics Consulting
As an added bonus, all Oribi customers have access to a team of analytics experts that will not only help you navigate the software but also help you uncover opportunities to improve the metrics you're tracking.
If you need a tool that will show your clients exactly how much money you're making them, start a free trial with Oribi today.

2. Teamwork – Project Management

Teamwork made the list as the top project management software thanks to its extensive collaboration capabilities and advanced organizational features. 
Getting set up might take some time, though the Teamwork team will walk you through the process to help your team get the hang of it. Once everyone is on, you can also add clients.
From there, project managers can set tasks and the whole team can view the current status of each project.
Teamwork Image
If there are repetitive tasks (such as quarterly SEO audits), it's easy to save the instructions for these tasks as templates. This makes the process frictionless and more scalable as you bring more people onto the team.  
Larger tasks can also be broken down into subtasks. This way, project managers can break up daunting projects and clients see how it's progressing without searching through various tasks.
In addition, project managers can track billable hours directly inside the platform and even complete invoices thanks to integrations with Quickbooks, Harvest, and other accounting platforms.

Top Benefits of Teamwork

  • Beautiful UI that’s intuitive and easy to use
  • Easily see how a particular task it progressing
  • Project managers can approve tasks and mark them as completed, in progress, etc.
  • Clients can view the reports and projects 
  • Save repetitive tasks as templates to ensure everyone in your organization performs the task the same way 
  • Bill your clients directly inside Teamwork thanks to various accounting software integrations

3. Hubspot – CRM

Hubspot is an excellent CRM for digital marketing agencies of any size as it offers impressive scale, integrates with virtually all tools, and the core offering is free. In addition, if you want to expand into their sales, marketing, or service hubs, it's pretty easy.
Start by creating a free account, and then import your contacts. From there, it's easy to mark them by current lead status and assign each lead to a specific person.
Then, connect your inbox and you'll be able to start tracking key metrics like deal value, the date a deal was closed, and more.
It's also easy to quickly find all the historical data you need on any given prospect, including offline conversations such as phone calls and live meeting notes.
Hubspot Image
In the dashboard, you’ll be able to see an overview of goal progress with dashboards like:
  • Deals Closed vs. Goals
  • Deal Forecast
  • Deal Stage Funnel
  • Activity This Month
If you scale into a bigger agency and need something more robust, you can upgrade to Hubspot’s premium features.

Top Benefits of Hubspot

  • The core offering is free with many premium features for larger marketing agencies
  • As it’s one of the most popular CRMs, most tools offer Hubspot integrations
  • Offers all of the features of any basic CRM
  • Easy setup and walkthrough 
  • Excellent support available to all plan levels

4. Quickbooks – Invoicing

Whether you're a one-man agency or have a large team with payroll needs, Quickbooks is a great solution. While it's relatively simple to use, they offer easy access to Quickbooks trained accountants that you can hire to organize your finances.
After creating an account inside Quickbooks, connect your bank accounts and then head to the main dashboard. It will show you income and expenses, which you can mark as business expenses or personal expenses.
You'll also see an overview of key business metrics like profitability, sales transactions, non-billable time, and more. Having instant access to these critical metrics will help you understand whether or not you can hire more people, invest in a new tool/service, and other key decisions.
In addition, you can bill your clients directly through Quickbooks to make it easy to import revenue streams directly to your accounting.
Quickbooks also makes tax time a breeze. Rather than digging through rows and rows of expenses, Quickbooks quickly shows you all the information you need to file taxes and will even give you some helpful savings tips.

Top Benefits of Quickbooks:

  • Simple and easy setup process – connect your accounts with a few clicks
  • Easy access to critical business metrics like profitability, revenue, expenses, and more
  • Access to Quickbooks trained accountants
  • Be prepared for taxes and enjoy helpful tax saving tips
  • Bill your clients directly through Quickbooks

5. Loom – Screen Recording

As more and more digital marketing agencies transition to remote teams, communication is trickier. In addition, having documented systems (that your team actually consumes) is the key to scaling.
Fortunately, Loom is an excellent solution to both of these pain points as it enables users to record their screen and voice. This makes it possible to schedule fewer meetings, write shorter emails, and document processes in a way that is both more efficient and more likely to be consumed.
You can create a free account with Loom and then download the Chrome extension to record anything on your computer.
Once you start recording, you can choose to show your face or the screen only. You can also invite teammates to Loom and share your video over email, social media, and other platforms.
Even better, Loom will store your screen recordings directly in their dashboard, freeing up storage space on your phone.

Top Benefits of Loom:

  • Quickly communicate with your team and show your screen without calling a meeting
  • Include your face while screen sharing for improved communication
  • Complimentary Chrome extension makes it easy to use without logging into the dashboard

Tools For SEO and Content Marketing Agencies

6. Ahrefs – Keyword Research/Rank Tracking 

Many agencies we talked to have subscriptions to multiple different keyword research tools, though Ahrefs tends to be the primary choice for most SEO needs. Therefore, look at the features you use in your other SEO tools and see if Ahrefs offers them (as they probably do).
First, Ahrefs' keyword research is easy to use and comprehensive. Here's a look at the dashboard that's jam-packed with not only information on that keyword but also information on related keywords, top questions related to that keyword, and more.
Ahrefs Image
When you enter a keyword in Ahrefs, here's all the information you'll get:
  • Traffic potential (some keywords are closely related to other keywords, so the traffic potential is higher than that keyword's volume)
  • The CPC information (to see how valuable it is)
  • The KD score (to see how difficult it is to rank for)
  • The "Also rank for" and "Questions" tabs offer additional keywords that you might want to include in the post
You can also view the URL of a specific post to see all of the keywords that post ranks for (which might give you an idea for a better keyword that has higher volume/lower difficulty than the one you originally thought about targeting).
If you want to track your rankings, you can do so under the "Rank Tracker" tab. 
Once you arrive on the keyword tracking page, you can select keywords you're already ranking for from the suggestions below, or type in new keywords you want to rank for:
Ahrefs Image 2
Once you've added all of your keywords, you can do some competitor analysis as well and compare your performance.
Ahrefs also allows you to schedule site audits daily, weekly, or monthly so that you stay on top of technical SEO with minimal effort.

Top Benefits of Ahrefs

  • Simple UI that makes it easy to use and find relevant information
  • Automated rank tracking (including competitive analysis)
  • Massive keyword database with “matching terms,” “search suggestions,” and “related terms”
  • Traffic potential shows the full potential of a keyword volume rather than just that keyword’s volume (it’s the only tool to do this)
  • Analyze keywords of individual URL rather than just a domain

7. Surfer – Content Optimization 

While Ahrefs covers most SEO and content needs, there is one other tool that has come highly recommended by a variety of marketing agencies.
Surfer is a content optimization tool that shows you which keywords you should add to your content. This means you don't have to search through your keyword research tool and wonder which keywords you should add to your content. Instead, Surfer's AI analyzes the most common keywords in the top-ranking posts for your target keyword and then tells you which ones to add to your content how many times.
This is really useful as it ensures that you aren't omitting essential topics in your content. Surfer also offers a keyword research tool, though the ability to show which keywords are missing from your article is most popular.
Surfer Image
Unlike competitors, it also shows the approximate length of the top-ranking articles and how many images, headings, and paragraphs they have.
They also offer a content audit tool which is excellent if you're refreshing your content regularly.
Here's an example of their content audit:
Surfer GIF
They also have a SERP analysis tool that can help you understand how difficult it may be to rank for a certain keyword by showing detailed information on the competing posts:
Surfer Image 2

Top Benefits of Surfer SEO

  • Outlines additional keywords you should add to your blog posts
  • Provides insight into how many images, paragraphs, and headers should be included
  • Audits for existing content for internal links, backlinks, load time, word count, keyword analysis, page structure, title/meta description, and more
  • Provides analysis on the optimization of top ranking keywords
  • Keyword research information

8. Mailshake – Link Building/Outreach

Whether you offer link building as a service or do sales outreach, Mailshake is a great tool to get the job done. 
It offers three key features:
  • Automate personalized outreach check
  • Engage with automated follow-ups check
  • Simple analytics
Getting started with it is pretty simple. Create a template in the Mailshake dashboard and utilize the text replacement features to make it personalized. From there, you can upload a CSV file with a list of those personalizations, and the email will automatically populate.
Milkshake Image
In addition, you can schedule automatic follow-up emails (as most deals are closed on the first outreach). In addition, if a prospect responds, Mailshake will automatically cancel the follow-up emails.
Mailshake GIF
Finally, it offers excellent analytics such as open rates, reply rates, spam scores, and more.

Top Benefits of Mailshake:

  • Mailshake enables personalization at scale by offering more than just name, company, and title personalization thanks to the CSV upload option.
  • Automated email follow-ups where you can schedule how many days later you want the next email to send.
  • Analytics that show more than send and reply rate – you can see open rates, your spam score, and more.
  • Manage outreach across multiple channels, including email, phone, and social, all from one place.

Social Media/Influencer Marketing Agencies

9. Upfluence – Influencer Marketing

Upfluence is a necessity if you offer influencer marketing as a service as it's arguably the most popular influencer marketing platform available. In fact, here are all of the features it offers:
  • Influencer discovery
  • Influencer analysis
  • Influencer management
  • Sending products to influencers
  • Paying your influencers
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign ROI
  • Affiliate programs
  • Ecommerce tools
To start an influencer marketing campaign, log into the platform and browse thousands of vetted influencers by keyword, social platform, engagement rates, audience size, demographics, and more.
Upfluence Image
However, what's probably most valuable is that they show you influencers that already love your brand. You can also import influencers you previously used and download a CSV file for outreach.
Once you've found a list of ideal influencers, you can create an automated outreach campaign directly inside the software. 
As you lock down a few influencers, you can give them access to all of your marketing material directly inside the platform. Influencers can also communicate with your team members and upload the content for their social media posts and other media directly to the Upfluence platform.
Upfluence also enables you to pay your influencers through the platform and estimates how much you should pay the influencer.
In addition, the campaign analytics tools make it easy to accurately calculate the return on investment generated from various marketing campaigns so that it's easier to see how to adjust for future marketing campaigns.
Upfluence Image 2
They also offer a host of other tools that make it easier for ecommerce brands running influencer marketing campaigns like user-generated content management and more. 
Most of the digital marketing agencies we talked to love the platform because it streamlines tedious processes that are otherwise cumbersome for agencies managing multiple influencer campaigns. For example, they create product placement campaigns for you, enable secure contracts to make sure influencers deliver, and more.

Top Benefits of Upfluence

  • All aspects of your influencer marketing campaign can be executed on this one platform
  • Browse vetted influencers and find those that already love your brand
  • Find influencers that are willing to do a promotion in exchange for the product
  • Simple, automated outreach with bulk emails and merge field personalization
  • Communicate with influencers and store all of your content inside the platform

10. Buffer – Social Media Management 

We chose Buffer as the best social media management tool due to its popularity among digital marketing agency owners.  
Keeping track of various campaigns across social media platforms can be difficult and time-consuming, so Buffer exists to solve these pain points.
The core of Buffer’s product is its scheduling software which makes it easy to create posts for each social platform natively within Buffer’s dashboard.
Buffer Image
Once you’ve written the posts, you can add them to the schedule to be posted at a future date and time. This way, your team can be on vacation, and your social media calendar will stay on track.
Buffer Image 2
Buffer also offers excellent collaboration options for marketing agencies such as collaborative drafting, posting approval requirements, and more.
As comments and engagement are key to social media success, Buffer also enables you to respond to comments from a single dashboard. So you can respond to Instagram and YouTube comments in one place and never miss a comment. They've also integrated AI into the product to alert you of critical comments (such as purchase questions or complaints).
Finally, to make sure that your social media marketing campaigns are producing an ROI, Buffer offers a robust analytics dashboard.
In addition to basic performance and engagement metrics, you can also measure:
  • Paid vs organic results of boosted posts
  • Audience engagement by demographics
  • Stories, individual posts, and hashtags
Buffer Image 3
In addition to all of these features, Buffer also enables you to create your own landing page directly inside the dashboard, eliminating the need for a landing page builder.

Top Benefits of Buffer:

  • Manage all of your social media in one place
  • Schedule posts ahead of time and ensure they are native posts
  • Respond to comments and receive alerts of critical comments
  • Collaborate with your team seamlessly
  • Create your own landing page

Paid Advertising Agencies

11. AdEspresso – Facebook Ad Management

For digital marketing agencies offering paid ads, AdEspresso is a no-brainer. It enables marketing agencies to track all of their client ad accounts in one place and offers a host of excellent automation tools.
Getting started is easy as client onboarding in AdEspresso is designed to automatically request account access from clients so you can spend less time on administrative tasks.
Once you're in the dashboard, AdEspresso allows marketing agencies to create Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads in one place.
AdEspresso Image
From there, you can split test various aspects, such as creative elements (headlines and images) and audience segments (age range or interests).
If you’re running ads for a client with multiple locations, the grid composer also enables you to upload an Excel sheet so that you can create personalized ads at scale.
AdEspresso Image 2
Another cool feature that AdEspresso offers is Automatic Post Promotion, which will automatically boost top performing organic posts as long as they meet the parameters you set.
To measure your campaign performance, AdEspresso also offers detailed analytics that makes it easy to see which ones were most successful. You can also schedule automated reporting (with drag and drop dashboards!) to keep your clients in the loop.
Finally, it's a great team management tool with various access levels and collaborative options.

Top Benefits of AdEspresso

  • Manage Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads in one place
  • Personalize ads (in bulk)
  • Easy A/B testing 
  • Automated boost for top performing ads
  • Automated client reporting

12. Unbounce – Landing Page Builder

Whether you’re running ads, launching a product, or offering a special promotion to your email list, you’ll probably need a landing page.  
Fortunately, building a landing page with Unbounce is easy and painless. Get started by selecting one of their 100 plus templates (all of which are web and mobile friendly).
Unbounce Image
From there, you can customize it to your liking with drag and drop widgets. Or, if your team wants to be more technical, they can also design down to the exact pixel and use custom scripts.
Unbounce GIF
Unbounce also offers dynamic text replacement, which means you can fill in various aspects of your copy with search terms the visitor used to reach the landing page. This makes your content more relevant and helps boost your conversions.
However, the real reason why we chose Unbounce as the top landing page builder is due to its advanced AI features. The smart builder can predict how your landing page will convert based on data from over 1.5 billion conversions. Therefore, you can perfect your headlines and layouts before you ever hit publish.
In addition, their smart traffic feature is quite impressive as it collects data on your visitor like device type, browser, location, and time zone. Depending on this data, it will automatically show them the landing page version most relevant to that person (assuming you've created multiple landing pages).
Once your basic landing page is set up, you can track conversions and run A/B tests within the platform.
Publishing is also easy as they offer a WordPress plugin that allows you to get your Unbounce page live on your website fast.

Top Benefits of Unbounce:

  • Customizable templates (for both non-technical and technical people)
  • Easy A/B testing capabilities
  • Smart Traffic shows the most relevant landing page to each visitor based on data
  • Dynamic Text Replacement makes personalization easy
  • Add the landing page to your domain in minutes

Perfecting Your Marketing Agency’s Tech Stack

Tools are a great way to improve your agency's efficiency, though it's easy to quickly buy all of the latest trendy tech, and before you know it, you're be paying thousands of dollars for tools you don't even use.
Therefore, look at your current tech stack. Do you have any duplicate items? If so, get rid of them and boil it down to these 12 tools.
Many of these tools are powerful enough to provide all of the capabilities of several smaller tools combined, so think carefully about which ones you choose to invest in.
If you'd like to try out our tool, Oribi (which does the job of an analytics tool and reporting software combined), start a free trial today.