Looking For A Successful Black Friday Marketing Campaign? Check Out These 5 Golden Tips
Hanna Dayani, Tue Oct 26 2021, 9 min
The holiday season is almost upon us, and we don’t need to emphasize how vital Q4 is for most eCom owners. The number one goal is to obtain the best reach and conversions during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles Day, and even Christmas. While everyone wants to grab a piece of the fruitful holiday-rush cake, not everyone’s aware of the basic yet optimal strategies to follow. We’re here to give you a completely new outlook on strategizing and how you can come out on top during the holidays.

1. Do Your Homework

The first step in maximizing your conversions and building a Black Friday strategy is collecting and assessing the data you already have on hand. Like this, you’ll be able to conclude the best way forward in gaining a converting momentum during the most extensive online shopping campaign of the year. 
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2. Funnel Optimization

Analyzing past data and assessing how visitors flow through your funnel is essential in picking up where most of the drop-offs occur. If you want to build that million-dollar Black Friday landing page, you need to understand where you’ve gone wrong in the past. With Oribi, you can check for different data sets to see what works, and what is a flop. Like this, you’ll be able to effortlessly add the good stuff to your new funnel when building your Black Friday campaign. Also, check out our funnel optimization guide to see what mistakes to avoid.
Here are some things to look out for;

What Device Converts More?

It’s best to analyze and literally dissect this data to understand better how to optimize your funnel. For example, with Oribi, you can see how much traffic comes from mobile and how much comes from desktop. Next, analyze what device gives you the best conversions. If your visitors converted more through mobile in the past, it would be best to design a killer mobile landing page and make sure the loading time on mobile devices doesn’t drag on (no one likes waiting!).

What Channel Converts The Most?

Another good Black Friday marketing tip is to compare your funnel behavior by channel. What channel brings the most conversions? For the most part, organic traffic usually brings in the best converters since these visitors either searched for your brand or a keyword related to your brand. However, there are so many more channels to explore, and if you filter your funnel by channel, you’ll be able to check out those golden gateways and focus on them when initiating your Black Friday campaigns. 

What’s The Winning Landing Page?

Have multiple landing pages for multiple campaigns? You can check out what’s the best performing landing page and simply copy it to your Black Friday-themed landing page. With Oribi, you can get an incisive breakdown of your entry pages with the Event Correlation feature. See what page and CTAs are linked to more conversions and then, double down on the tried & tested events to make a Black Friday or Cyber Monday landing page. Like this, all that hard work in creating a page from scratch is out of the equation, and you can focus on adding the last magic touches before your campaign starts. 

It’s Time To Double-Down

Another recipe for the perfect Black Friday landing page is to feature the best converting products and market them through your best-converting channels. Say you own a shoe shop, and throughout the year, a particular brand of sneakers is the popular choice amongst your clients; using that winning product through a channel that has brought you the most conversions is one way of guaranteeing some good ROI. 

3. Analyze Visitor’s Behavior

On most traditional analytics platforms, seeing how your visitors behave is a real pain; the data is inconclusive and confusing, to say the least. With Oribi, you can analyze your visitor’s journeys with a simple click. See where they came from, how many times they’ve visited your page, where they dropped out, and so on. By analyzing their behavior, you can segment these users and optimize your funnels accordingly. Whether you rely on paid acquisition or organic sources, estimating your user’s flow will give you insights into future campaigns. 

When Do You Offer A Coupon?

Everyone looks twice when they receive a coupon, and it’s the best tactic to use for conversions. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday already offer good sales, adding a coupon to the sale will ensure that those potential drop-offs stay and convert. Checking to see how visitors normally behave in your funnel is essential in figuring out when to send that golden coupon. This can be easily done when looking at your funnels on Oribi, and seeing at what part of the funnel the drop-offs usually occur. Sure, the most obvious place to offer a coupon is a pop-up right before a cart abandonment, but you can grab their attention on the upper funnel, too. 

What Are Your Best CTA’s?

By analyzing previous data on your site, you can see what events and buttons your visitors are most likely to click. This is made possible with Oribi’s magic events, letting you track every event and button on your website and see the best ones in terms of click-through rate and the number of conversions that specific CTA brought in. Once you’ve populated the statistics and have the winning CTA’s, simply copy/paste it the same way to your Black Friday campaign. 

4. Strategize Your Paid Acquisition

Again, past events definitely create a learning curve, even when it comes to paid acquisition. How do you get the best ROI? By assessing your paid campaigns’ funnels, you unravel a world of insights that can be copied/pasted to your Black Friday endeavors. 

Are You Bringing The Right Visitors?

Creatives go a long way in the paid acquisition arena and should be taken seriously. If you compare and analyze your funnels and notice that even the underperforming funnels bring in a similar conversion rate, perhaps it’s time to dig a little deeper and check whether your ad itself is bringing in the right visitors or not. The first place to check is your creative output, and if you aren’t getting high CTR rates, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. 

How Have You Set Your Conversion Goals? 

It’s no secret that both Google and Facebook work on algorithms. When you select a certain goal on these channels, you are basically asking the respective platform to detect the people who (according to past behavior) are most likely to convert under your specified goals. So, should your goal be to target an audience to purchase your product, be sure to optimize your ads to “purchase” and not “website clicks.” Sometimes selecting the wrong goal can lead to low-intent users and a massive waste of budget.  

Are You Targeting Upper-Funnel Users? 

When there aren’t enough purchase events to work with, going upper-funnel is an equally great targeting method to widen the net but still stay focused on potential, high - intent visitors who are most likely to perform conversions on your site. Oribi smartly groups any visitor action and lets you export this to outside sources such as Facebook. For example, you can group your key page visits, free trial buttons, or “ Get Started” buttons as one “intent” event.  

5. Get Your Retargeting Game On

High-intent visitors may not need the extra bait, and you’ll probably find that they seamlessly flow through your funnel until they convert. But, for the most part, creating a fruitful campaign almost always requires a plan B that should be implemented during the course of your holiday campaign. Think of it as a backup campaign to those who did not convert in the first place. While we mentioned a few ways to lure visitors, there are many more ways to retarget them in a seamless manner. 

Email Marketing For Black Friday

So, this is the ideal way to garner past clients to convert during Black Friday. Initiating an excellent marketing campaign is the way forward, but again, relying on past data is the key to getting even the low-intent clients on your mailing list to convert. Open rates and click rates don’t provide much data on a successful marketing campaign, but analyzing your successes via your landing page is the best way to measure success. Get a full breakdown of how your landing pages perform by exploring page visits on Oribi. See what percentage of total email visitors land up converting. If there’s a specific landing page that brings in a high conversion rate, then you know you have a winner! 
Let’s not forget segmenting your audiences based on their actions. With Oribi, you can segment users based on their past behavior. Have they bought more than once? Have they added items to cart and didn’t end up purchasing? Send relevant emails to these custom audiences and retarget them on a more personalized approach. 

Retarget Via Facebook Ads

Cart abandoners? No problem! Create a fully automated way to retarget them via Facebook Ads quickly. With Oribi’s Export Events feature, you’ll be able to integrate your code-free conversion events on Facebook in a few seconds. This means, as soon as someone abandons their cart, this data is sent to Facebook as a custom event. In this scenario, you can create a relevant Facebook ad campaign and offer a better discount, coupon, or free shipping to those would-be buyers. 

Best Way Forward

From assessing everything discussed above, coming prepared to the Black Friday party is important in boosting and maximizing your conversions. Learning from data will give you actionable insights from past mistakes, wins, and visitor behavior. Like this, you can work out creative and catchy ways to convert your visitors, old and new alike. 
Gain the momentum you need to get a head start on your Black Friday campaigns. Start your 7-day free trial with Oribi and see how easy it is to work with seamless analytics.