About Us

Oribi was founded in 2015 by Iris Shoor, a serial entrepreneur.
The company is backed by top VC firms – Sequoia Capital and TLV Partners.

Our goal is to simplify analytics to enable marketing and product teams to get valuable data without any help from developers.

Funded By

Sequoia Capital TLV Partners
  • Iris Shoor
    Founder and CEO
    Prior to founding Oribi, Iris co-founded two successful startups. In 2006, she co-founded VisualTao and led the product to 10M users worldwide. The company was later acquired by Autodesk. In 2012, Iris co-founded Takipi, which helps developers around the world track events in production. Iris is passionate about simple products, data-driven marketing and bringing new levels of creativity to the marketing process. With Oribi, Iris followed her passion and created a product to help marketers and product managers to simply understand their audiences. Iris loves dogs (her furkids are Taki the Lab and Nina the mutt), traveling and design.
  • Avi Etzioni
    VP of R&D
    Avi has 14 years of hands-on experience as a developer. Prior to Oribi, he was a developer at VMware and team leader at Outbrain. Avi is passionate about clean code, agile methodologies and R&D culture. Avi joined Oribi in order to build a unique dev culture focused on encouraging personal growth in a team-oriented environment. In his spare time, Avi loves to dance (and teach) Salsa and West-Coast Swing.
  • Asi Dayan
    Head of Marketing
    Asi is passionate about growth, content and performance marketing with vast experience in both B2B & B2C companies. Prior to Oribi, Asi led the online marketing at Fundbox, and several other startups in various verticals. Asi loves helping other marketers maximize their results, which made joining Oribi a natural move. He's obsessed with good food, loves to travel to faraway places and most of all, hang out with his two boys.
  • Alon Shoshani
    R&D, Full Stack Developer
    Alon is a hard core technology and creative solutions enthusiast. He loves playing basketball, traveling and eating (especially while traveling). When not at the office, Alon can be found hunting Pokémons.
  • Sivan Franko
    Sivan helps building the right blend of people and culture in Oribi, as she is managing everything people related, including talent acquisition, wellbeing, and administration. Sivan's perfect day at the office will be one with just the right amount of multiple tasks done, while still learning and listening to others. Sivan loves being outdoors, sunny days, and spending time with her loved ones.
  • Itamar Levin
    R&D, System Architect
    Itamar loves music, cooking, carpentry, breaking and (sometimes) fixing things. When he's not busy implementing new bugs features, he can be found accumulating mileage on his walking shoes. Itamar used to live in London. He lost the accent, but kept the manners.
  • Dan Mouktal
    Dan's designs ensure that Oribi's UI/UX is as beautiful as it is efficient. As an avid social media user, Dan loves watching funny cats videos on YouTube. He also loves to workout and is scared to death of zombies.
  • Eden Cohen
    R&D, Full Stack Developer
    Eden loves to write code, but when he needs a break, he unwinds with a session at the gym or can be found strumming on one of his guitars or playing his saxophone. Eden is also a travel and photography enthusiast.
  • Ehud Winograd
    R&D, Full Stack Developer
    Other than programming, Ehud loves reading, wall climbing and logic puzzles. Ehud is an avid traveler, scuba diver and photographer and is happiest when he gets an opportunity to combine all three.
  • Natasha Chernyavsky
    R&D, Full Stack Developer
    Natasha likes travelling, watching movies and series and hanging with her friends. She recently discovered a love for painting. Natasha loves the beach and heat in general since she is always cold.
    Shilo Ayalon
    R&D, Full Stack Developer
    Shilo loves technology and the challenges that come along with it. Shilo is a former swimming national champion, and holds the Israeli record for the 1,500 meters freestyle. In his free time, Shilo enjoys spending time with his family, reading and exercising.
  • Oren Hasbani
    R&D, Full Stack Developer
    Oren always loved to dive into challenging code problems. He loves playing football, traveling and camping. In the summer, while not at the office, he can be found in the beach playing frisbee.
  • Noam Green
    Product Discovery
    Prior to joining Oribi, Noam experimented with various roles and positions from copywriting to management consulting and product management. Noam is passionate about understanding users, what drives them and Hummus. In his spare time, Noam loves traveling, reading books and anything related to football.
  • Sara Nelissen
    Marketing Manager
    Sara is a marketing enthusiast, with broad experience in various global companies. How to make people fall in love with a brand gets her all excited. Sara wants to travel the world, loves music, running, Pilates and cheese (can’t hide the Dutch roots)